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Generosity Week — Day 3

Jewish Community Services of South Florida: “We can accomplish so much more when we all pull together”

Please watch JCS’s 3-minute video:

JCS's video

The Jewish world is increasingly reaching outward, and community service as an expression of fundamental Jewish values is what tikkun olam looks like in the 21st century. Since the earliest benevolence societies, community responsibility has been recognized and embraced as a Torah principle: we can accomplish so much more when we all pull together. Mitzvah Day has a regular spot on our annual calendar and it’s a wonderful way to spotlight generous volunteerism among individuals and communities. However, every day should be Mitzvah Day!

Strongly rooted in Jewish tradition and values, Jewish Community Services agencies throughout North America care for the elderly, open doors to the disabled, assist the unemployed, counsel families, find housing, offer multi-generational programs and education, provide help for immigrants in making a new start, and so much more.

Association of Jewish Family & Children's ServicesThe role JCS/JFS plays in communities across North America exemplifies the very highest of Jewish values in action and offers unique opportunities for individuals to participate as both givers and receivers in whatever life circumstances they may be experiencing. If you’re looking for a way to make a difference by sharing your resources—your time, your skills, your money, your words of encouragement, your possessions—your local JCS has an opportunity for you! If you’re looking to be part of a community endeavor to have an impact on your community, JCS is the place to plug into. You will find a list of 125 agencies that are located throughout North America at www.ajfca.org.

What can you do? Is there an issue that you have a particular interest in? Maybe eldercare or early childhood education are issues that resonate with you, maybe job placement or mental health services. Whether you have a need for assistance in one of these areas or want to actively participate in the development of programs and services to address these needs, start by contacting your local JCS.

Share your experiences and inspire others; that’s a valuable part of being a community!

Thank you to the Jewish Community Services of South Florida for sharing this video talking about some of their many programs. Please feel free to share your responses, experiences and insights on our Facebook page so that we might learn from one another as we build our generosity muscles.

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