A program of The Mussar Institute 

Generosity Week
February 21 – 26, 2016

Generosity Week

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in Generosity Week?

Generosity Week is for everyone – for those who have never heard of Mussar and those who have studied Mussar with The Mussar Institute (TMI) over many seasons.

What are my incentives to participate in Generosity Week?

Spiritual growth, personal satisfaction and joy by making a difference – holding a hand, touching a heart, lending an ear, or reaching into your pocket to help someone in need.

Where does Generosity Week take place?

Wherever you happen to be, your online engagement will involve email, TMI Facebook Page and your heart.

Who are the Teachers?

This year's program features teachers from six different organizations which work on various ways of being generous. Each day during Generosity Week, one of the teachers will deliver a generosity message via YouTube video. The video is intended to teach, inspire and motivate participants.

Why should I share my experience through social media?

The social media platform offers Generosity Week participants the benefit of networking, sharing, learning and inspiring others to engage in the practice of generosity. It is not intended to be a place to expose egos or disclose private information. It is merely a place to come together to chat, connect and share individual acts of generosity.

What social media platform should I choose?

You can join the conversation in the social media platform that is most comfortable and familiar to you, either at The Mussar Institute's public Facebook page, or, after joining, in the Generosity Week Facebook group. You can also follow us on Twitter.

I'm not on Facebook, nor do I want to be. Can I still participate?

Yes. You can practice generosity in complete anonymity. You will not be requested to log in and your identity will not be revealed to Facebook or other viewers. At the same time, you will not be able to like, read, or comment on the Facebook page.

I'm not very good at journaling. Is it important?

Journaling is an important practice in Mussar training because it gives you the opportunity to self-reflect on your thoughts and emotions as you develop the trait of generosity in your life. Journaling helps speed up and consolidate Mussar learning, to increase the imprint it leaves.

Is Generosity Week a fundraiser?

Generosity Week is not a fundraiser or anything like a fundraiser. It is TMI's generous offering to help people tune up their souls!

How can I learn more about Mussar?

The Mussar Institute offers courses online, as well as books about Mussar. We have study groups that meet in various locations around North America and we have groups that meet by telephone.

What if I want to give a gift to The Mussar Institute?

That might be very good to help build your generosity muscle. Please visit TMI's website.