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Generosity Week
February 21 – 26, 2016

Generosity Week

What if you could
build a
generosity muscle with practice?

How much muscle could you build in a week?

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“When the Almighty created human beings, God made them capable of both giving and taking.”

–Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler
20th century Mussar scholar

Practice Generosity for Six Days …
and Strengthen Your Generosity Muscle

Generosity Week is an annual project of The Mussar Institute (TMI). In its fourth year, the program features short videos and blog posts each day to motivate participants to act generously. The purpose of the program is to foster personal spiritual development through the practice of generosity – a core human inner trait. In the Mussar tradition, generous giving shines a light in the heart of both giver and recipient. TMI’s Generosity Week provides us with a valuable opportunity to practice and strengthen this heart-opening trait of generosity and strengthen our “generosity muscle.”

How Does Generosity Week Work?

“External motions stimulate internal ones.”

–Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzatto, The Path of the Just, 18th century Mussar classic

Over the course of six days, Sunday through Friday, participants will receive an email from TMI containing a video or brief article by one of our inspiring Mussar teachers sharing insights and suggestions aimed at nurturing generosity. After practicing generosity, participants are invited to join the conversation on Facebook and/or Twitter. As always, we encourage use of a daily journal to reflect on your experience to solidify your learning.