A program of The Mussar Institute 

Generosity Week
February 21 – 26, 2016

Generosity Week

Generosity Journal

Keeping a journal is an important “Accounting of the Soul” practice in Mussar training, because self-reflection enhances awareness, consolidates learning and leaves a lasting imprint in your heart. To make the most out of participating in Generosity Week, every evening during the six days of Generosity Week we encourage you to record any experiences you have related to the acts of generosity you chose to undertake.

Entries in the journal should be short and factual. The point is not to award yourself medals for certain thoughts or behavior and penalties for others, but rather to use the act of writing to imprint on your mind a record of your behavior with clarity and objectivity. The goal is to gain a true and clear picture of where you are with generosity, day after day, because that self-understanding is an important launching pad for change and growth.

To make it easy to get you started on a “generosity journal,” and to support you in maintaining the journal throughout the six days of Generosity Week, we have uploaded dated journal pages containing leading questions that can be printed out for your convenience.