A program of The Mussar Institute 

Generosity Week
February 21 – 26, 2016

Generosity Week

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What to expect after you join Generosity Week

Leading up to Generosity Week you will receive weekly emails containing thoughts on generosity, links to generosity articles and Mussar teachings on generosity.

During Generosity Week you will receive a daily email with a link to an inspirational video by a Generosity All-Star “celebrity” who will share particular thoughts on generosity, along with important considerations and suggestions.

You’ll be able to join the conversation by sharing your ideas or comments on our Facebook page, by joining our Facebook group, or on Twitter. We truly want to hear your experiences – what inspires you to be generous; what holds you back; what reflections come to you after a particular act of generosity; when you are on the receiving end of generosity, how does it affect you; what acts of generosity are most meaningful to you; and how acting generously changes you.

During Generosity Week we encourage you to use a journal to express your innermost thoughts as you experience the trait of generosity developing in your life. The practice of reflection is core in Mussar training, as it will consolidate your learning and also leave an imprint in your heart.